Ideas for your event!


Reception style

If you have more guests arriving in the evening for a reception or a party, then it's nice to offer your guest an evening snack. Wood fired pizza is an ideal option for the evening. It’s informal, it adds theatre with the oven and your own pizza maker and you can serve lots of guest fast. The food stays fresh as well, as we always keep adding pizzas when people get hungry and are ready for a snack. As it only takes a few minutes to get ready in the wood fired oven, it's super-fast


Festival style

Festival style are becoming very popular, following the popularity of music and art festivals. You may have a field available and putting a marquee or teepee up or using your parent's garden. Add a few hay bales and “hay” presto a festival wedding. Combine this with your ideal craft beers and organic wines to make it the ideal day. The oven adds theatre and with a few imaginative props will make it look very much like a festival


Buffet style

Are you looking for a buffet solution where people can just walk up and choose their dish? Wood fired pizza is a great option for this. We create long rows of pizza with at least 3 different variants to choose from. Charcuterie and cheese boards can be added for that extra something!