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Are you planning your wedding and considering what to do with the catering? Consider authentic wood-fired pizza for our custom designed wood-fired mobile Oven. Pizza is a great option as it caters for lots of people at the same time with our buffet-style serving, it gives you easy options for fussy eaters, it adds a bit of theatre on such a special day and most of all you as the bride and groom will love it. We cater to your taste as you get to choose from our menu and create a bespoke menu. We have noticed lots of novel ideas of our customers incorporating pizza into their special day ranging from a full buffet, a reception snack to a full-on festival style wedding.


We are the ideal solution for your reception, at a great value and can add a real element of theatre to your special day. We serve pizza by the slice and lay out a buffet for you. You can add Charcuterie & Cheese boards, your choice. It’s so easy for people to get their pizza fix as there are no queues.


Doughkitchen can cater for most taste and dietary requirements. We offer delicious selections of local meats either as antipasti or served on your pizza. Vegetarian options are always widely available on our menu. Just let us know your requirements. Usually, there is a selection of 4/5 different pizza’s and we always suggest you have the classic favorite Margherita as one of the options. Then you pick 3/4 different options from our standard menu or we can create special flavors for you. Generally a 10" will do 2 people when you include Charcuterie and Cheese boards.

All our pizza bases are made from our own bakery wholemeal sourdough stater. Which creates an amazing tasting, additive and preservative free base. We also complement this with our uniquely developed tomato base recipe using only the best of San marzano chopped tomatoes


We bring along our wood-fired oven which requires some space to set up. The oven is a centerpiece and you get your own pizza maker as well – usually a talking point among the guests. We just need at least 3x4m space. We bring a ready-made self-sufficient mobile kitchen