Our Journey

I always had a passion for pizza making at home to various degrees of success. For the majority of us, the temperature of the oven and the tools we used at home, always made things take so much longer. Coupled with this I also developed a love for "real bread" over the years. One day I thought I would take the plunge and put my career on hold and go on a journey of discovery.

I believed that if I dedicated a year to this I would be able to gather the knowledge and experience of the best in the industry and put this into practice.

I worked in various micro bakeries right across Ireland and the UK. Doing everything from day and night baking to deliveries to weekly market stalls. Amongst these bakeries I also managed a mobile wood fired pizza oven business. This was a very successful business model which we regularly combined with craft beer event tastings. Nothing better than quality pizza and a cold beer! 

On my return to Ireland, it was time to put my plan in action...

I could now further develop the techniques and create my own recipes. I set about making a pizza dough from as healthy a flour as possible.   

I now only use a wholemeal organic sourdough starter to produce my pizza base. This is combined with my pre-ferment and then mixed with an Italian 00 Flour. All is developed over 2 days to give maximum flavour.